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Ed Rolfe worked for over a decade making  films for variety of sectors.

Throughout this time he suffered with various health conditions and in his

mid-thirties was hospitalised with a life threatening illness.

With a new, young family, this scare sent him down the route

of taking health in to his own hands, learning from new thought leaders

about what health should really look like, and discovering exciting businesses

emerging in the space of Health and Wellness. 

Now Ed heads up Grounded, a co-hort of talented filmmakers,

using their wealth of skills and expertise to communicate brands stories,

products and knowledge to those who need it most,

helping grow businesses and change lives.

What we do

Video is the medium of our generation.

With our expertise in storytelling and visual mastery, Grounded bring your brand's unique message to life, engaging viewers on a profound, emotional level. Whether you're a fitness studio, a nutrition company, or a mindfulness app, we understand the importance of connecting with your target audience in a meaningful way.

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We see a world where people are empowered to take their health in to their own hands, to live full lives with shared energy and happiness.  And we see ourselves a key part in that story.

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